How do you keep your balance on a moving object? Brands struggle to answer this question. They need to connect with consumers while the world around them is in flux.

Enter Basil.
We help brands get more agile and find their footing in today’s eWorld. We create simple yet 21st century communication that makes consumers sit up and connect. We believe in being prompt, flexible, cost-effective and global across markets and media. And we work with brands that want to be relevant to consumers at various levels of stimulation. Let us help you find your balance. Connect with us. And your consumer.


  • Android Sales Presenter for ease of making customised presentations for a B2B client based in UK for a global sales force
  • Strategising and designing path- to- purchase for shoppers in retail environment for a global FMCG giant
  • Consulting with an international management consultancy group for development of their global asset management solution and workflow
  • Strategising and creating a global workflow solution for production management of labels for an European company
  • Branding and identity management for a global software services company
  • Creation of brand identity manuals for a global B2B company
  • A global cosmetics firm’s Indian arm needed a makeover –brand positioning, packaging, communication as well as its look and feel
  • A leading West End brand needed a makeover – brand positioning, look & feel and communication
  • Management of turnkey production for a Toronto-based advertising agency for more than 6 years
  • Creation of a dedicated bay of web development team for a US education company
  • Global management of all below-the-line communication for a leading brand of laptops with onsite and offshore support
  • Creation of walk-throughs for simulation of POS materials in retail environment for leading FMCG companies
  • Design, consulting and development of a web shop for automation of artwork creation and production for an European client
  • Technical consulting, wireframe and development of a global tool for sorting channel and SKU requirements for a large FMCG company
  • Cloud-based solution for management and deployment of brand assets for a large multi-national
  • Design and development of POS configurators for designing and localisation of POS materials for an FMCG giant


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